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What You See First In This Image Reveals Hidden Aspects Of Your Personality


Abstract images can reveal a lot about our personalities. Along with it comes the psychological benefits of viewing art which include the increase of creative thinking, brain connectivity, etc. According to research, art helps in the communication between both the hemispheres of the brain and increases problem-solving skills.

Scientists conducted a study with a number of students over 10,000 where it was found that a one-hour trip to the art museum increased critical thinking and empathy level among them. Brain scans have revealed that when one looks at any work of art, the release of dopamine is increased into the area of the brain where romantic love is registered which shows that looking at a work of art is same as falling in love.

In the quiz below we will use this study to reveal hidden aspects of your personality. When looking at the below art, keep your mind clear, think of the first image that comes to your mind and check your answer:

1. The face of an old man:

If you saw the face of an old man, it means you always see the bigger picture in life. We get some calling in our lives which make us think what is really important to us. We reflect on the moments we spend, remembering the words of kindness or acts we have been grateful for. This call is to fulfill the needs of your heart, your inner soul. You might have met someone who pulled you out of your dark times and like a chain, you pass on that kindness to others. That’s what brings you inner peace. Your heart wants to expand its horizon through this and let it flow by spreading love in this world.

2. The Knight in armour:

If you saw the knight in the armour, it means you always want to have fun and enjoy life but you have some emotional turbulence which is why you have your guards on and always try to stop yourself from getting hurt.

You are probably in need of a secured relationship, a longing for friendship. You need to practice self-care. You need to convince yourself that you are wonderful, you are loved. Let go of the hurt you have inside you. Be confident. Love yourself first and the universe will reciprocate you. If you have a good support system, don’t keep them away from you. Try opening up. Don’t be scared. The universe is full of beautiful moments. Cherish them.

3. The two dancers:

If you saw the two dancers, it means you have a concealed romantic attitude towards life. It’s something you don’t share with others and no matter how deeply you love the persons close to you, you have a hard time expressing yourself to them. Sometimes you should speak up, a small note of how they mean to you or perhaps a token of love to show how important they are to you in your life. This symbol also means you have a hidden desire to enjoy. So don’t just keep it locked. Make a travel plan or start doing things you have been wanting to do all your life. Life is a beautiful journey. Don’t waste time.