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The Triangle You Pick Can Tell an Important Truth About You


Psychologists can reveal how resistant to change you are just by making you pick a geometric shape. This is possible because we associate meaning like stability and change to geometric shapes, so we tend to prefer shapes that go along with our personality.

We has prepared this short quiz based on the psychology of shapes, that will reveal an important side of your character. So pick the triangle that appeals to you the most and get to know yourself a little better.

Pick the triangle that resonates most with you.

Scroll down to see what your choice of triangle says about you.


Your greatest quality is dedication.

You set your mind on your goals, you’re determined. Your greatest quality is dedication. People may say you’re too much of a perfectionist and attached to the rules, but you know that the best way to do something is to do it properly from the start. People can be sure that they can rely on you for that. That’s the reason why you’re usually very successful.


Your greatest quality is being genuine.

You have a genuine personality and you’re not afraid to show it; you’re authentic. Truth is your highest value and you consistently try to be as honest as you can. This lets you look at life in a straightforward and positive manner. That’s why people ask for your opinion; you’ve gained the reputation of being truthful and helpful.


Your greatest quality is being rational.

You use rationality to drive yourself forward in the world; you’re the intellectual of the group. You love to strategize each decision and plan things in detail. You’re systematic and confident in your skills. Your friends may joke that you’re a little nerdy but they know that you are also caring and that you will be ready to offer the smartest advice.


Your greatest quality is your passion.

You’re not to be messed with, you are passionate. When you pick a goal you embrace it with dedication and a good deal of self-confidence. You don’t let anything come between you and your objectives. Some may argue you’re a bit too intense, but the satisfaction of a job well done and a goal achieved is priceless.


Your greatest quality is your attentiveness.

You are a people person and an extrovert. You can start a conversation with anyone and listen attentively to what they have to say. Your family and friends are your most precious gifts, so you try to cherish them every day. And since you are such a good listener they don’t hesitate to go to you for comfort.


Which triangle did you pick? Do you agree with the results? Tell us in the comments below!