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The First Thing You See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality


We all see the world differently. Our experiences, opinions, the people we love, the things we do – all of it culminates into our personality, the one that let you view the world uniquely. It allows you to build relationships and broaden your horizon.

Your personality also allows you to make sense of abstract ideas because it helps you find something to relate to. When you look at something, your eyes are always drawn to the first thing that intrigues you. But what if the first thing that you see could tell you more about your personality that you realize?

When you look at something, your mind is already making connections based on what you’ve seen. In fact, a psychological test system called the Rorschach Test, more commonly known as the inkblot test, requires one to look at an inkblot and interpret it.

The way you interpret a seemingly random inkblot can reveal a lot about the kind of person you are. On some levels, it also provides an understanding of your past and future behavior.

Here is what it means if you saw the following image first:

1. A butterfly

If you saw the butterfly first, it shows that you are a carefree spirit and love to mingle with others. A butterfly represents freedom and dreams. Seeing it first means that you value your freedom and you work hard to achieve the big dreams that you see. You are the type of person who can strike a conversation with anyone and make them feel comfortable while talking to them.

Your friends enjoy hanging out with you because you are the life of the party. You are constantly jumping at an opportunity to do something fun and you make sure that your partner is enjoying with you as well. Your extroversion means that you have a ton of friends and there is almost nothing you’ve not tried.

But being the carefree soul that you are has its problems. Your love for your freedom is constantly misjudged as being flighty. You don’t like confrontations and that causes your relationships to be strained when others tell you that you’re never serious.

Your penchancy for trying new things all the time has maybe even landed you in trouble before and may even occur again. But despite the fact that you are carefree, you know what matters and are willing to ground yourself for it. When you love, you do it with every fiber of your being and you aren’t afraid to show it.

2. The two faces

If you saw the two faces first, it shows that there are two sides to you. On one hand, you love being surrounded by friends and family. You may not make everyone laugh all the time, but when you speak, they listen. You might not smile very often but when you do, those around you can’t seem to take their eyes off of you.

On the other hand, you also prefer to be alone, doing the things that you like to do. You don’t equate being alone with being lonely. Depending on the situation you’re in, you choose whether you want to socialize or just be by yourself. You are extremely honest and prefer to tell the truth whenever you can.

However, people might see you as brusque and aloof because they see only one side of you. They assume certain things about you that are not true because they don’t know the other side of you. You are usually a private person and don’t share emotional stuff until you are extremely comfortable with someone. Yet, people see you as a confident person and look to you when they are in trouble.

You are extremely knowledgable because you like to learn and appease your curiosity. Your partner and you have mutual respect for each other. Though you may not engage in physical intimacy as often, your partner still likes to be close to you and knows that you love them.

3. Two crescent moons

If the first thing you saw were the crescent moons, then others generally find you to be introverted. However, wanting to be on your own doesn’t mean that you dislike socializing, you just prefer your own company. Whether it’s going to a coffee shop on your own or taking a solo trip, you find peace in being able to be by yourself.

Like the moon, you glow with radiance and have a good head on your shoulders. Your imagination is extremely vivid and as a result, you find it very easy to create entire worlds in your mind that are vastly different from the real world. So a lot of the time, it seems like your head is in the clouds. Yet, that doesn’t stop you from being alert.

You are able to make good decisions because you are very observant of the world around you. Little nuances and reading between the lines give you a clear view of what is truly happening. Given your astute observations and depth of knowledge, those close to you often wonder why not many see this side of you. Your friends and family might wish that you came out of your shell more often but understand that you need that time on your own. Because of that, they value the time that you spend with them.

Your choice of a partner who is one who enjoys doing things alone while together. You may have had some bad experiences, but you’re the type of person who has always been able to brush yourself off and pick up the pieces.